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Quality policy of Saudi Vitrified Clay Pipe Co.


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Production according to International Standards EN 295, GSO EN 295

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Since 1998, SVCP has established and applied a quality system for production and sales of vitrified clay pipes, fittings and pipe joints according to: EN ISO 9001 : 2008

Elastic Jointing System on Vitrified Clay Pipes & Fittings

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Saudi Vitrified Clay Pipe Co. is pleased to congratulate...
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Saudi Vitrified Clay Pipe Co. is pleased to congratulate all Muslims around the world in the occasion of EID AL FITR.
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Difference between SS & ES pipes ?

The main difference is pipe thickness, were ES pipes are thicker & have higher crushing strength, hence can resist higher loads. According to design criteria, SS or ES pipe may be specified.

The pipes are deflected (not straight) ?
All V.C.Pipes has a permissible deviation from straightness of the barrel. According to standards, deviation from straightness shall be not greater than the Specified values.
How the rubber supplied with the pipes ?
All Saudi Vitrified Clay Pipes are supplied with built in flexible joints (rubber), which are molded /fixed on the pipe.

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What People Say

Issa Nasrawi Lotus Trading and Contracting Company

I have been dealing with SVCP since the 90's and I also visited the factory in Riyadh which was very impressive for me to see, how advanced and accurate the process of manufacturing is.

Our dealing with SVCP management and employees has always been excellent which was built based on trust and respect.

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  • Handling

    To avoid any damages to clay pipes and fittings at the stage of loading, unloading, transporting, storage and lowering into a trench, a special handling method should be adhered

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  • Packing

    Pipes are packed in bundles or pallets by using a wooden base and spacers to make up separated layers of pipes, held together by steel bands, ensuring that socket spigot ends do not touch each other or the ground surface.

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  • Loading and Unloading

    Pallets are loaded/unloaded only by convenient equipments (i.e. a forklift) which does not allow any damages to pipes and fittings.

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