SVCP is accredited by the following bodies:


SVCP is an ISO 9001 certified company by TUV-CERT since 1998.


Saudi Arabian Standard Organization, established in Saudi Arabia as A body of judicial personality, headed by Minster of Commerce. SASO is the cooperation partner in maintaining the safety and public Health protecting the consumer & environment and enhancing the Competitive of national products through the application of the best International practices in different standardization fields. SVCP has the quality mark license of SASO.


MPA is an independent organization for testing, certification and Inspection body, based in Dortmund - Germany since 1947. SVCP products are certified by MPA for compliance with EN 295 Standards.


An independent testing & inspection body in Saudi Arabia, with International collaboration with FUGRO-USA. SVCP products are certified by FUGRO-SUHAIMI as 3rd body Inspector.