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All Vitrified Clay Pipes are manufactured in standard lengths. However, site conditions may require lengths which are deviating from these standard lengths. To be able to adjust pipe lengths to the requirements on the site, pipes can be cut by the use of cutting ring, cutting chain or cutting machine. In this case the standard flexible joints, can be substituted by mobile flexible joints, such as ( P - ring ) and (M - seal) , which provide fast and equally reliable joint connection as the standard joints.

P Ring

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The P-ring is used as a spigot end seal for cut-off pipes and fittings with "K" joint. The P-ring is available in sizes DN 200 to 600mm for pipes of Standard and Extra Strength.

"M" Seal (Collar Seal)

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The collar seal is used to connect two spigot ends when replacing a pipe with a junction or when replacing pipes. The collar seal is available in nominal sizes DN 100 to 1200 for pipes of Standard and Extra Strength. The collar seal can be used with all pipes whose external diameters fall within the tolerance range.