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All clay pipes and fittings are supplied with built-in flexible joints. These joints will provide a completely tight sealing and are specifically designed to comply to the same requirements as pipes and fittings. The (L) joint system as well as the (K) system are guaranteed to comply to all requirements with regard to chemical resistance (in the pH range 2 to 12), ageing, flexibility and physical strength.

L Joint (One-element joint) to jointing System F

Single Blog PostPipes up to nominal diameter of 150mm. are provided with a sealing element made of caoutchouc elastomer, which is fitted into the socket and fixed with the specially designed resin. The jointless spigot has just to be pushed into the socket after applying some of the special lubricant.









K Joint (Two-element joint) to jointing System C

Single Blog PostPipes with nominal diameter of 200mm and above are provided with sealing element made of polyurethane which are casted at the spigot end and inside the socket. Both pieces when pushed together after applying the lubricant provide a completely tight joint