Issa Nasrawi Lotus Trading and Contracting Company

I have been dealing with SVCP since the 90's and I also visited the factory in Riyadh which was very impressive for me to see, how advanced and accurate the process of manufacturing is.

Our dealing with SVCP management and employees has always been excellent which was built based on trust and respect. The knowledge of the Engineers and Sales Persons in the factory has always helped us to overcome any difficulty or misunderstanding with the Consultant/Client and in few occasions, the GM of SVCP in person traveled all the way to Doha, to meet the Consultant to answer any query from their side.

As for the material delivery, I can say that it is certainly faster than any supplier of any kind of material even if it is from Qatar, and that is due to the availability of stocks in their yards which normally takes 24-48 hours to reach our site.

I wish them all the best and to continue this path which is certainly big asset to all infrastructure departments in the Country.